Our Services

With experienced recruitment specialists,  and a commitment to service, Kickoff Networking will help you find top-quality talent when and where you need them. With our exceptional service ratings, you can feel confident in our partnership. Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to craft the best solution for your needs. 


Temporary Staffing

If you are considering adding more staff to your organization, it may be beneficial to first think about the possibility of temporary staffing services to fulfill your needs. We can assist in providing temporary resources for engagements ranging from weeks to several months.  Ultimately, temporary staffing can save your business money since you have no recruiting costs, no cost of advertising for candidates, and reduced time spent by your staff screening and interviewing candidates. You also have none of the termination or severance pay required when a permanent employee leaves your company. 

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Executive Search

We help companies build superior leadership teams, focusing on C-level, VP-level and Director roles. We can expedite your hiring process and ultimately help find the best available executive match for your company based on your strategic goals. Our objective is to successfully complete your executive search within 3 months or less.

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Permanent Staffing

We understand that cultural fit is paramount to ensuring that the vision and values of your workforce are aligned with the goals of your organization. Kickoff Networking understands the latest trends and unforeseen challenges (i.e. COVID-19) you may face when finding the right talent. Outsource this function to us, and let us do it for you.  Our recruiters can source, screen and present candidates that meet your requirements for direct positions in various areas. Why not leverage a leader in staffing and recruiting with either occasional or on-going needs for direct hires? 

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Candidate Sourcing

Depending on the business requirements, there may be a continuous need for hiring at your organization.  We offer Candidate Sourcing services on a retainer basis. This primarily consists of maintaining a pool of eligible candidates who possess the required skill sets to be able to fit into your organization, on your timeline.  This pool is continuously updated and refreshed by our recruitment team, so that there is always available talent for your business.  At the moment, we offer this service exclusively for IT/Technology positions.


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Talent Acquisition Partner, Data Management Firm

The pandemic left us in a tough spot, as a significant % of our IT staff left our company for higher paying WFH positions for American companies. We had to backfill our team of developers in a timely manner as we had project deadlines approaching. We reached out to Kickoff and they were able to help staff our Dev team and get us up and running in a few weeks. Couldn't recommend them enough.